Category: Recovery

25 Jun
Recovery - Is it time to negotiate with your landlord

Are landlords the key to whether businesses survive?

With the Government allowing the relaxation of social restrictions and reopening of many businesses, the time has come for you business owners to count the losses and work out how you can rebuild your business. It is expected that nearly all businesses negatively impacted by the lockdown period will have made a trading loss, but […]

26 May Logo

Discretionary Grant Fund Availability

Less well publicised in the range of grants available to businesses and the self employed is the Discretionary Grants Fund. Updated guidance became available over the weekend. The main change is that as well as small and micro businesses, the self employed can also qualify for the grants. Each local authority has been given discretion, […]

21 May
New Laws for the Insolvency Industry

New Insolvency Laws released – but who will they help?

Following the UK Government’s announcement about suspending wrongful trading and bringing forward laws to assist companies with restructuring, the new Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill has been put to Parliament and will soon become law …… but will it help you? There are five main provisions of the new Bill.  The first is for those […]

14 May
Treating your Business as a Start Up again could be the best way to success

Think like an Established Business or a Start-Up?

Sunday’s announcement showed a desire from the Government for business owners to either restart or start planning to restart their businesses depending on what sector you are in. But just because that’s their desire doesn’t stop you from needing to ask yourself what is right for you. Every business is different, even within the same […]

21 Apr
Cash is King - preserving cash is key to survival and recovery

10 Ways for Businesses to Preserve Cash.

Cash preservation is the key to ensure you have enough to last and will be how your business can survive.   As I said previously, the big questions are: When will that support arrive, Will it be enough, When will things get back to normal How much work will be needed just to get back to […]

16 Apr
Winning the Financial Battle is like Winning a chess match

You might win the battle but will you win the war?

As a business owner, business survival is what matters right now.   Like so many others, your big questions probably are: When will the Government support arrive?  Will it be enough? When will things get back to normal? How much work will be needed just to get back to where you were before this happened? And […]